More and more people use natural cosmetics, staying away from those with synthetical substances. One such product is SLS-free shampoo. Why is it better and why do I prefer it? Read on to learn all about it.

Natural shampoo vs the drugstore shampoo

The natural shampoo will gently cleanse scalp and hair due to a lack of aggressive substances so common for the drugstore products. What is more, it contains nourishing ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. Natural shampoo removes all dirt without causing any irritations and damage to hair and scalp. On the other hand, drugstore cosmetics have very intense action and open wide hair cuticles which may lead to damages or even change in the hair porosity. The effect? Hair will no longer be smooth, lose natural gloss, become frizzy and suffer flyaways. What’s worse, the drugstore shampoo can contribute to dandruff.

Ingredients in shampoo: the good and the bad

If you wish to choose really good shampoo, you should avoid the following substances:

  1. SLS, SLES – detergents with aggressive action. These may cause itching, redness, hair loss and increased sebum secretion;
  2. Silicones – create a protective barrier on hair that does not allow dirt to reach hair. Unfortunately, it also makes it impossible for nourishing ingredients to get in. What is more, washing silicones down is troublesome.

If you care about natural hair care, try aloe, ceramides, glycerin, vitamin B5, oils. All the substances nourish, moisturize, soothe and take good care of hair.

How should you use natural SLS-free shampoo?

There’s no difficulty in the use of this product. You basically use it the same way you use any other shampoo. Take a bit of the product and mix it with water, apply to the hair, massage hair and scalp for a few moments, then rinse down. It is important to rinse down all the foam really thoroughly. If necessary you can repeat once or twice.

Do you use natural shampoo free of SLS and SLES?

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