Systematic tooth brushing is an extremely vital element of personal care. We usually use pastes, dental floss, mouthwashes and plastic brushes. What if you could replace the brushes with a natural alternative? Discover my story of using natural toothbrushes and check if you can brush your teeth with a tree twig!

Tooth cleaning twigs instead of a plastic brush

I guess you can’t imagine brushing your teeth without a toothpaste and a regular brush. In many countries, though, twigs are used for removing impurities from the teeth. People use parts of different trees e.g. miswak. It’s a tree twig or root with some bark left and cut in a way so it looks like a brush. Before use, the miswak is soaked in warm water. It contains whitening silica, soothing tannin, antibacterial alkaloids, strengthening vitamin C as well as fluoride ions and calcium.

Are plastic toothbrushes a bad thing?

It’s said that classic toothbrushes are made from petroleum derivatives and their manufacture involves using compounds that are used e.g. during production of epoxy resin. This substance easily penetrates digestive system, respiratory system and skin, affects levels of estrogens and may cause cancer, obesity, diabetics and hyperactivity. To make things worse, plastic brushes are hazardous for the environment. You can easily count the number you use per year considering that we’re advised on replacing brushes every three months.

Natural bamboo toothbrush

You can choose between the miswak and nylon-bristle bamboo toothbrush. A special variety of bamboo is used for the production of such toothbrushes. It’s Moso Bamboo and it isn’t panda’s treat. This very tree abounds in flavonoids, silica, proteins, amino acids and minerals. Bamboo brushes precisely remove impurities, neither irritate the gums nor scratch the tooth enamel. What’s most important, they are fully biodegradable.

How to use bamboo toothbrush and miswak?

A bamboo brush is used like a plastic brush whereas miswak needs priming. You buy it in form of sticks; take one, dip it in warm water, peel the outer layer and separate the bristles with your fingers. Now, feel free to brush your teeth. After that, rinse it with water and put into packaging. Miswak can be used for approx. 2 weeks if you store it properly. Otherwise, it dries and needs to be replaced after just 5 days.

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