Hi, girls!

I dedicate today’s post to all glasses wearers 🙂 I’ve gathered a few must-follow makeup rules and tips. Women who wear glasses must focus on their eyes which are hidden and less visible. It’s a key thing that makeup goes along with the eye defect and type of glasses.

Short-sighted girls’ makeup

Glasses for the short-sighted people make their eyes look smaller. A perfect makeup must be bold: a few coats of mascara, a bolder eyeliner. Besides, use some tried and tested tricks for making eyes look bigger:

• light, shimmery eyeshadows on the moving eyelids

• dark eyeshadows in the outer eye corners

• a line on the upper eyelids

• a very light, shimmery shade in the inner eye corners

• a light, nude line on the water line

• precisely-coated and curled eyelashes

Long-sighted girls’ makeup

Glasses for the long-sighted people make their eyes look bigger so you need makeup that makes them appear smaller. You must put your mind to it because glasses are going to expose every single mishap or imperfection. The must-use products:

• matte eyeshadow; give up on shimmery or tanning shades which enlarge the eyes

• a line on the upper eyelids and a line in the outer corners

• precisely-coated eyelashes

• bold lip makeup

• a dark line on the waterline and right below it

The more serious your eye defect is, the stronger the glasses are, intensifying the effect of smaller or bigger-looking eyes. That is why we must adapt makeup intensity to the power of the glasses.

A long-wear foundation is important to glasses wearers, too. If you’re one of them, you must also be sick and tired of removing the makeup buildup from the glasses every single day. Am I right? So, invest in a good, silicone-infused foundation and use a setting powder. The effect should last all day long 🙂

Remember one rule: if you wear thick frame glasses, go for a soft eye makeup and bolder lips. If your glasses are subtle, choose an enhanced eye makeup. You must remember to define the eyebrows, too. Otherwise, they’re going to be invisible behind the glass frames. 😉

Are you glasses wearers? Do you use any makeup tricks? Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂 

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