Oily skin is thicker, dull, covered with blackheads and a bit sticky to the touch due to excess sebum. Nevertheless, it still has many advantages, including resistance to wind and frost, as well as good water and soap tolerance, and late wrinkle formation. Unfortunately, oily skin is complicated in care, because the shiny nose and glowing forehead and cheeks are not only an aesthetic problem, but also increase the risk of bacterial pimples, acne, and fungal infections. What cosmetics should be used for oily skin and how to take care of it properly? What mistakes do we make most often in the care of oily skin? Let’s find out! 

What cosmetics are best for oily skin?

Properly selected cosmetic and regular skin care are able to restore good and healthy looks to oily skin. They are aimed at reducing seborrhea, making pores less visible and removing blackheads. In order to achieve such effects, I recommend you use products from the same cosmetic -range, dedicated to oily skin. Also, make sure that they are all oil-free.

The basic care kit for this type of complexion consists of:

  • micellar water or gel makeup remover;
  • a toner without alcohol;
  • mild and light moisturizing and mattifying cream, preferably with sunscreen (for day use);
  • cream regulating the secretion of sebum (at night);
  • blotting papers;
  • a scrub and mask dedicated to oily skin.

How to take care of oily skin?

First of all, oily skin should be thoroughly cleansed and not just in the evening before bedtime, but also in the morning. This way you will get rid of excess sebum and dead skin cells. After each face wash, wipe the skin with an antibacterial toner (it will reduce the visibility of pores). Also, every few hours, go ahead and use a blotting paper to collect excess sebum (without disturbing the makeup). Once a week, it is a good idea to exfoliate dead skin cells using a scrub, otherwise, the cells will clog pores which will result in an increased number of blackheads and inflamed acne. After exfoliating, always remember to apply an antibacterial or astringent (for instance, based on clay) face mask.

Mistakes in oily skin care 

Although oily skin is thicker and more resistant to external factors than other skin types, it can still be damaged mechanically. The most common mistakes in oily skin care include:

  • the use of degreasing products
    Used for washing, yes – they remove the layer of sebum, but at the same time, they dehydrate the skin, which may lead to flaking off;
  • the use of toners based on alcohol
    Initially, they give great results, however, after prolonged use they can increase seborrhea and acne lesions. In addition, they strongly irritate;
  • washing the face with water and soap
    Although such combination does not harm the skin, it does not do any good either. That’s why, this methods of face cleansing should be replaced with products dedicated to washing oily skin only, to take care of it properly.
  • mattifying the face with another layer of powder
    Instead of overburdening the skin and clog pores leading to acne breakout at the same time, it is better to reach for blotting papers or even regular tissues to collect excess sebum,
  • popping pimples mechanically
    Removing blemishes on your own can seriously damage blood vessels. What’s more, a new pimple will appear in place of the popped one because the skin immediately replenishes the sebum that has been removed from it,
  • sunbathing
    Sunkissed skin looks a lot better, but only for a short while. Sun rays stimulate sebaceous glands to work, damaged cells and dilate blood vessels. All this clearly aggravates the condition of the skin.

How do you take care of oily skin? What cosmetics do you use and recommend? Let me know in the comments!

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