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I was obsessed about microblading and eyebrows on fleek. No matter what I used, my brows didn’t want to regrow. I didn’t know what to use whereas daily make-up was so lengthy that I was always by a hair’s (brow’s :D) breadth away from being late. That was how the idea for microblading came up. I was both fascinated and scared by the idea after reading all stories about failed treatment and awful microblading effect which lasts for years… On the other hand, perfectly done semi-permanent make-up would be heaven!

Then, I told my friend about the dilemma and she recommended Nanobrow serum. She actually first used Nanolash serum and found out about the brow version. Obviously it has different ingredients and a bit different design. Her lashes grow like crazy so I figured that there would be no harm in trying Nanobrow while I still had second thoughts about microblading…

What is Nanobrow eyebrow serum?

I guess it’s worth explaining because some of you might be unaware of such product’s existence. If you do know about the serum, feel free to skip this paragraph and go to the effects straight away. Nanobrow is a professional product designed to repair eyebrows from within (follicles and inner hair structures). It contains specially-designed complex of ingredients that strengthen, moisturize and condition, consequently improving the look of brows from root to tip.

What’s the effect of Nanobrow serum?

  • moisture and nutrient boost
  • faster brow growth
  • more brows growing
  • fuller-looking brows
  • stopped thinning
  • intense shade, elasticity
  • shine boost
  • damage protection

Both the manufacturer and my friend assure of such marvelous effects. She said it would be funny if it turned out I didn’t actually need microblading. It was like a prophecy!

Nanobrow eyebrow serum. Treatment effects

Week 1

At first, I didn’t see big changes in my brows. It turned out that they take place yet in follicles that are not visible to the naked eye.

Week 2

There was something going on. I was stunned to see brows growing in places where they used to be gaps. I got a spark of hope for getting lovely full brows back. Nanobrow strengthened them, made them thicker and darker.

Week 3

It was the time of brows growing like crazy. The brow line got fuller, baby brows were growing out. My eyebrows simply started looking better. Week by week, they grew longer and thicker. Then, I had them shaped by my aesthetician who left them on fleek. Now, I don’t need a brow pencil every time I go out. My brows look gorgeous, have amazing shape and are really bold.

My evaluation? Nanobrow is best! Rating: 10/10

It is sensational. Nanobrow gave me brand new, fabulous and full brows in a short time as well as saved me from microblading and pouring my money down the drain as semi-permanent make-up isn’t a budget procedure.

I’m really surprised and rank Nanobrow the highest. It deserves all rave reviews. Thanks to Nanobrow, I no longer worry about my brow look.

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