The summer is already here and we want to show our legs, don’t we?

Because of this holiday season I prepared for all of you my dear readers a new entry where I’ll discuss the subject of tanning. Read my tips carefully and apply to them. Only then will you learn that pursuing the delicate tanned skin isn’t troublesome at all. Today, I’m answering the most important questions:

1. How to prepare skin to sun tanning?
2. How to get suntan fast?
3. How to get tanned in solarium safely?

1st issue – Preparing skin for tanning

The most important is precise skin exfoliation which I do regularly every week, or sometimes even twice a week. I suggest using coarse grained peelings like, for example, the ones containing sea salt. Also, I’d recommend applying the cosmetics that don’t contain oils. The ‘big’ exfoliating grains enable to smooth epidermis precisely and remove all the cells that have already died. This lack of greasy substances is crucial if we want to follow with a self-tanning cream. When to reach for peeling? Best if you do this the evening before going to the beach. If your skin is super dry, make it two days before visiting the sandy area.

2nd issue – Sun tanning

By my experience, I know that the worst you can do is lying on the beach flat for a few hours. Sun burns guaranteed, especially when you follow these moronic tips from the Internet like ‘coat your skin with an oil before you expose the body to the sun’ (ugh… like… REALLY?!). Let me tell you something, fast suntan is possible but it is very dangerous and lasts short. I suggest taking sensible approach towards the issue of tanning – protect your skin with SPF 15 or 20 so as to shield it against the harmful influence of the solar radiation. Only then should you expose your skin to the sun with no risk. Of course, it will take you longer to get the effect you want but, on the other hand, your skin will stay naturally brownish for long. My method of delicate acceleration of sun tanning is using (despite a sun cream) a suntan activator, which is a body oil with keratin that stimulates synthesis of melanin.

3rd issue – Tanning in solarium

This is a method for people who are always in hurry and don’t have time to go to the beach. I used to visit solarium but today I try to avoid such places because I know how damaging solar bed (or rather the radiation) is. I also know that there are people who wouldn’t resign from getting tanned in a solarium for all the money in the world. Therefore, let me show you a few tips how to decrease the danger the solar bed lights create. Start your adventure with solarium from short 1- or 3-minute sessions and then gradually increase the time with every another visit. Don’t use tanning accelerators but only filters of high sun protection factors or other products that guarantee skin a strong protection. After all, it’s not about burning the skin off but stimulating melanin synthesis to gift skin with natural-looking shade or brown.

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