Which one of you doesn’t like products which are able to take care of skin and look beautiful at the same time? Of course, everyone likes such cosmetics! This very type of product is lip oil by Clarins, Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. Let’s find out whether care can be both colourful and good-smelling!

Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Clarins. Shades & Ingredients?

Clarins offer features seven lip oils. Each of them looks beautiful and contains natural ingredients. Among Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil you can find:

-01 Honey – yellow oil with hazelnuts for nourishment and lip softening;
-02 Raspberry – pink oil with raspberries delivers antioxidant action;
-03 Red Berry – cred oil with achiote fruit which is recognized as a good colourant;
-04 Candy – fair pink oil with amaranth rich in antioxidants;
-05 Tangerine – orange oil with buruti fruit which moisturises and protects skin from UV radiation;
-06 Mint – light blue oil with pepper mint to encourage blood circulation in lips;
-07 Honey Glam – yellow oil with shimmering particles and hazelnut content (nourish and makes lips soft).

How does oil by Clarins work?

The basic action of Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is gifting lips with colour. Besides, the cosmetics launched by Clarins are to moisturise and condition lip skin. Thanks to the oils, make-up becomes complete and face looks more beautiful and younger. Natural composition of the products delivers soothing and gloss to lips. When it comes to the consistency, the oils are gel-like, which obviously facilitates application. And how to put on the oils? Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil by Clarins can be applied either as an individual cosmetic or it can be combined with a lipstick. Soft sponge-applicator distributes the cosmetic evenly providing lips with even coverage and beautiful colour. Last but not least, oils by Clarins leave lips fragranced subtly.

Do you like colourful and good-smelling cosmetics, as well?

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