Like most girls, you probably want to have your look under control. In the end, every now and again you check whether the mascara is still on the eyelashes, whether the foundation did not change its colour, or whether the lipstick has already been “eaten.” However, with the new Liquid Control HD foundation from Eveline Cosmetics, you will not have to check whether everything is on point every now and then. How is this possible? Keep on reading and see for yourself.

24/7 Makeup control

Liquid Control HD has a liquid formula and a very light consistency. It ensures a long-lasting and good coverage; only from time to time, it requires using blotting papers or a powder. Eveline foundation gives a natural effect describes by the producer as a ‘baby face effect’. Right after the application, the product is not noticeable on the face and becomes like your second skin. The cosmetic has been dermatologically tested and can be used by people with sensitive complexion.

How to apply the foundation?

Thanks to the pipette attached, the use of Liquid Control HD from Eveline Cosmetics is very easy. You won’t have any problems dosing the proper amount of the product you need for the whole face. What’s more, you will be able to build the level of coverage depending on your needs, occasion, etc. Feel free to use a flat brush or a sponge to create an even and flawless look. A thin layer should be enough, if not, apply another thin layer and set with a setting powder. Do not forget to shake the bottle well before the use. 

Eveline Liquid Control HD foundation – extra info 

The foundation by Eveline Cosmetics is enclosed in a 32 ml bottle. There are six shades of brown and beige range, and you can choose from 05 Ivory, 010 Light Beige, 015 Light Vanilla, 020 Rose Beige, 030 Sand Beige and 040 Warm Beige. Although there are so few colours, I think that each of you will find the right shade. The cosmetic blends into the skin easily and provides a sensational effect.

Are you ready to take control over your makeup? Have you every tried Eveline Liquid Control HD? Let me know what you think and what’s your go-to foundation! 

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