A foundation that will not be visible on the skin? Does it really exist? Yes, and it has been created by Laura Mercier, it’s the Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation. Learn how to apply it to obtain natural makeup and look younger. 

Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation – who will benefit from it?

The foundation by Laura Mercier is suitable for all skin types. Even people who struggle with sensitive skin can use it without worrying about any irritations. The product does not contain any comedogenic substances or talc and it has been dermatologically tested. Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation gives dewy finish and medium coverage that is buildable. 

What’s it like?

Laura Mercier Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation has a weightless consistency with brightening pigments thanks to which, the face is radiant and younger-looking. The product evens out the skin tone and conceals imperfections. As a result, fine lines and pores become less visible and the face – nice and smooth. What’s more, Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation moisturises the skin and prevents its dehydration. Due to the content of algae extract, the water level in the deeper parts of the skin is replenished.

How to use it?

To unify the complexion’s colour, using a small amount of Candleglow Soft Luminous foundation by Laura Mercier will be enough. It is best to apply it directly over the makeup primer and use a sponge to buff it in. If you want to avoid the mask effect, blend out the product along the hairline, smudge it down the neck, at the petals of the nose and at the corners of the mouth. There are dark discolourations and scars on your face? Use a concealer first and then the foundation. This way, you’ll get a unified and natural make-up. The pump built into the packaging will certainly make the application easier.

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