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Many of you swear by grannies beauty recipes! Cucumber compress, honey to treat skin or hair… Yeah, hair, what works actually? I guess our grandmas would mention yeast. Let’s check if a yeast drink is really so good (I don’t mean the taste of course) and check what effect it might have on your hairdo.

How to prepare your yeast drink step by step?

Warning comes first: never eat raw yeast. Now the recipe: put a yeast cube in a bowl and crumble it using a fork. Pour boiling water over it and mix well. After a few minutes, add boiled milk and honey to make it more bearable in taste. If you still need to make it tastier, add some fruit juice.

How long should you drink your yeast hair mixture?

The yeast treatment should last until you get desired effects yet follow this frequency: drink it for 5-7 days in a row and then take a break for a few days. If you go for a long-term therapy or don’t want breaks, use less yeast for your drink. It’s also worth noting that drinking it for prolonged period of time may bring adverse result.

Yeast beauty benefits

  • hair grows more quickly;
  • scalp is better nourished and strengthened;
  • angular cheilitis is gone;
  • hair gets volume;
  • nails are thicker and stronger;
  • skin is smoother and firmer;
  • immunity is boosted;
  • you’re more stress-proof;
  • hair no longer falls out in excess or gets greasy.

Yeast drink side effects

Too bad, drinking yeast may bring adverse reaction as well. The most common include feeling sick, stomachache, pimples. This may be caused by too lengthy yeast drinking treatment, too much yeast in one drink, cow’s milk intolerance, allergy to one of ingredients.

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